evening, munsterkerk roermond – seasonal remnants: four haiku


round the munsterkerk

the Christmas market’s dark, stands

and stalls shuttered up:


seasonal crowds withdrawn

– spaces of singular silence –

no one left but us


contemplating change

in the temples of our heart

where gods die and live


lamps hung from abbey trees,

spotlit abbey walls, cast light

over us remnants.


  1. James Wood says:

    The theme of light, struggling to illuminate the people in that “Christmas market”.

    Powerful seasonal sentiments, unsentimental and clear, complementary to your Winter Solstice poem from last week – where the light was similarly looking to shine! I enjoyed the image of Wotan and his Wild Hunt in that one, a pagan counterpoint to the imagery of light which is common to the Christian and indeed all religious traditions.

    It’s heartening to know that there is a poet whose poetry still engages with these radical, fundamental spiritual themes.

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