1989 – everything is now – 2017

Photo by Filipe Almeida via Unsplash


our summer of love:

high on hope, hardcore uproar

remixing our lives


dance in those muddy tribal fields –

surging acid nights – wild orgasmic waves

entranced, crowdy hazy drums


all one together

when sunset shades to sunrise –

stay up forever!


heaven in a rave

morphing bodies, spaced-out time:

starstruck eternals


raucous, thrilled and chilled

travellers, mutating beings

stagger on the stars’ stoned threshold


in love’s euphoria:

kiss our forever lovers –

softcore love hardwired in all of us


heartbeat to heartbeat

ecstatic, loved-up pulses

– everything is now –



summer 1989 & summer 2017

         Photo by Muhammed Fayiz via Unsplash


  1. James Wood says:

    Marvellously evocative haiku.

  2. Davina Jones says:

    Takes me back (and projects me forward) to a time of Rebirth.
    A Summer of Love.
    A moment in time when everything seemed (and seems) possible (still).
    An eternal vanished time (some may believe) but one which lives on i(n me) with undying unfading unending passion passion passion that will influence (and has influenced) my life forever. Like a river.
    Bring back that Summer of Love which never faded into Autumn!
    Stay awake forever! : ) ; )
    Am I a hopeless hippie stuck in idealistic Neverland?
    I love this poem for its unexpectedness at this timeless time and the natural freshness in its iconic imagery.

    • Thank you much Davina I appreciate your words very much. It is 28 years now, a magical number. I hope you are finding life now as inspring as life then.

  3. Ashish Vashi says:

    I like your phrasing of “crowdy hazy drums”: the echo in it of “howdy crazy drums”. I can feel them in my heartbeat now. It evokes a timeless festival: these festivals being celebrations of togetherness and love.

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