on ventura beach: haiku chain

ventura keys bay

ventura keys bay


borne on a loose-tongued tide

when dolphins sang in our bay,

i swam alongside.


learning my english

in california, oh yeah –

i dug those endless sands


west of ventura keys

soaked up the lingo in waves,

loghorreic seas,


chilled long days drunk down

so deep, my first summer of love,

synaesthetized like


a child of the sun –

honey-skied strands, peacemeal love,

kool-aid cookied, fun!


like surf out of reach,

lyrics drift through smoke-tinged breeze

on ventura beach.


kool-aid cookies

kool-aid cookies


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  1. Hollie Z says:

    I too grew up in Ventura. Never swam with the dolphins, but I think you’ve caught the atmosphere very well. Where in Ventura did you live?

    • Thanks much, Hollie. I lived in Ventura Keys. It was a great place to grow up, and the dolphins were regular visitors!

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