st valentine’s eve – aleid and floris: 1270

at dusk she kisses him

breast mouth fingers breathless smooth commingling

hard then tender fluid melting

cool hot creamy sex when two

so made so shaped for one another

couple up as one in one

dissolving her in him like milk in tea

and in the pearl-pale moisture of those honeyed lips

and in the sweet salt sweat of thighs and loins

she cries he too

for that kindling consummate moment

they come to be together

where thought is no more

yesterday today no more tomorrow

she asks where it goes such surrender


she wonders is that it then when valentine dawns

when is tomorrow then

when I and you become us

and she conceives as night in day

fused and found forever in that moment

when together now

we come as close as one can be to one

then is tomorrow and tomorrow’s past


valentine’s eve into day 2018