la muse et la petite mort – a sonnet

la muse et la petite mort

i sometimes wish I didn’t love you yet

so much that I do I do for you but

nothing ever works for us both, and words mistook cut

us up and out of our connection, when we let


            i always love the way you never get

stuck on stuff – some folk would fall into a rut

when hard and heavy tribulations put

their lives on hold – thoughts mired like fish in a net.

but you, you seem to blithely slip

through that broad open ocean of freedom

from all the drifting flotsam pains you ever met

setting sail on a climactic far-out trip 

through wine-dark heavens, where you and all our friends can come –

loving, yet somehow wishing we didn’t love you yet.

       freddie omm

       April 2017