1989 – everything is now – 2017

                                                                Photo by Filipe Almeida via Unsplash

dance in those muddy tribal fields –

surging acid nights – wild orgasmic waves

entranced, crowdy hazy drums


all one together

when sunset shades to sunrise – 

stay up forever!


heaven in a rave

morphing bodies through spaced-out time:

starstruck eternals


raucous, thrilled and chilled

travellers, mutating beings

stand on the stars’ stoned threshold


in love’s euphoria:

kiss our forever lovers –

when hardcore love is hardwired into us


heartbeat to heartbeat

ecstatic, loved-up pulses

– everything is now –

                      freddie omm, summer 1989 & summer 2017

                                                               Photo by Muhammed Fayiz via Unsplash