sun, sand, sky and sea – haiku chain

sun, sand, sky and sea:

here i sit and write my words


as my dog chasing birds

– or their chatter when they flee –

sense is to words

seeking expression –

while we too might seek release

in sweet sensation

loving inner peace,

our minds, our bodies set free –

revel in release

merge into ocean

like a riff of poetry

in tidal passion

shore’s simplicity

sweet edge of comprehension:

sun, sand, sky and sea

zuiderstrand, the hague – 6 may 2017


  1. This is lovely. An evocative expression of that sense of being at one with the world… beaches/sea being a great way to experience such – given our watery history, pre-evolution into upright creatures who strut and fret their hour upon the stage etc.

    Grand. And Haiku such a valid choice for such musings.

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