skim, scan and scroll

nicholas carr, in the shallows, says the internet saps creativity.

by altering neuroplastic highways in our brains, it erodes our memories: thanks to google, we don’t have to remember anything anymore.

it is a sinister form of cortical re-mapping.

for, if creation is combining cognitive fluidity with intuitions and memory, a dependence on surfing is bad for it.

carr’s book is well reviewed by jim holt in the london review of books.

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  1. Sinister? Who could be behind it?? Philippe, I suspect.

    I don’t like these one-sided hysterical claims – whenever something is lost in advancement, something else is gained and there have been generations of nay-sayers proclaiming the evil of this and that… (most of ’em right! It’s all down to PdSM again!)

    I suspect most people will no longer have the required cognitive fluidity to work their way through that rather lengthy article.

    We’re doooomed… we’re all goin’ t’diee!

  2. That is super interesting. No need to be alarmist about it, but I do hate myself for succumbing to the convenience of Google for things I could recall if I just exerted myself. Lazy mentality.

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