the cold lady drops by to warm herself at the fire

i’ve loved les tres riches heures du duc de berry, by the limbourg brothers (in dutch: de gebroeders van limburg) since i was a kid.

here’s february:

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  2. I love this sort of art – all peasanty and primitive and out of proportion.

    But think I like January best.

  3. The guy towards the rear… what is he doing, btw?? Seems to be wearing Y-fronts and knee-length boots and practising his golf swing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why indeed, yes!
    And the fellow inside is warming his chestnuts by the fire. And airing them, to boot!

  5. And the guy approaching donkey from rear with large stick..??

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s no Donkey!
    That’s my Wife!!

  7. Excellent use of capitals. Keep it up!

  8. love this. the getty museum brought it to LA earlier this year. fortune smiled & i feel tremendously lucky.

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