(this is the first poem i wrote on my bebook)


can’t feel – no sound, no birds
here in the verbosphere
there are no stars
(except as four-letter words)
nothing rough nor nothing blue
no knives to hack you scars
no coldnesses of words untrue
uncut the story clear
(we are all a missing clue).
but what could be more dear
when we is me and me is you
than this silent verbosphere?

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  1. I really like this. And could muse endlessly on its subject – minds existing independently of body… and whether, in fact, minds existing in this way are actually external to our own mind or become/are part of it… but I’d only bore everyone if I did waffle on, so will resist.

    The Brain — is wider than the Sky —
    For — put them side by side —
    The one the other will contain
    With ease — and You — beside —

    The Brain is deeper than the sea —
    For — hold them — Blue to Blue —
    The one the other will absorb —
    As Sponges — Buckets — do —

    The Brain is just the weight of God —
    For — Heft them — Pound for Pound —
    And they will differ — if they do —
    As Syllable from Sound —

    ~ Emily Dickinson

  2. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Honour Killing? Great writing, topical, needed to be out there. Where is it?

    • Hey Anonymous

      the mainstream agents and publishers all considered the theme of “Honour” to be too controversial and risky to touch.

      That has been their consistent response since I finished writing it in 2007.

      So now I am looking at the other available options to get it out there and shall publish it soon.

      All the best

      Freddie Omm

  3. thanks, anonymous, i am doing a final edit on it and then i shall probably bring it out! i have been working a lot on other projects, as i wanted to get some distance from honour – & partly because of its sensitive subject, i doubt a mainstream agent would touch it…

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